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Debian on a Macintosh Quadra 700: some progress


There is some progress:
- I have converted all ext2 partitions to ext3 (tune2fs -j)
- I have replaced ext2 with ext3 in /etc/fstab
- I have rebooted using the 2.2.5-mac kernel which comes with Debian
Sarge, and which does indeed support ext3.

... but, after the first boot on the ext3 partitions, which succeeded,
I decided to type the following command:

shutdown -rF now

... to force the machine to check all the filesystems thoroughly. The
machine rebooted with the 2.2.5-mac kernel, but then, to my surprise,
I had yet another kernel panic:

I rebooted again with the 2.2.5-mac kernel, and the checking of the
ext3 filesystems started. It took some time, and it finished without
any problems.

Now, why is the 2.2.5-mac kernel from sarge crashing like that ?

Any help would be appreciated,

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