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d-i sarge w/mac


Here I have a macintosh LC III - Performa 450
installed with d-i sarge.

The only issue was partitioning. But -after- a manual handling, all enter in normal.
I had to do in Ctrl+Command+ F2
e2fsck  /dev/sdc6 before installing the base-system.

Thanks to all who made that a reality.


Eugen Paiuc

btw. this is my first m68k debian installed. Others are waiting...

CPU: 68030
MMU: 68030
Clocking: 24.4 MHz
BogoMips: 6.10
Calibration: 3052800 loops

total Mem: 36 mb
Swap: 356 mb

root=/dev/sdc6 - ext2 - 1.9 gb

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