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Assembler error message when compiling kernel source


when trying to compile the kernel source, the assembler complained with an
error message. Here is what I did:

- install kernel-source-2.4.27 package from Sarge (3.1r1) CD set,
- install and apply kernel-patches for m68k,
- install gcc-2.95
- make config
- make-kpkg

I have a 68060 system (A2000 with Blizzard 2060), so I selected 68060 in
config (and no other CPU type).

The error message reads:
Assembler message: 308: Error : invalid instruction for this architecture;
needs 68040 or 68060 or 68881 or cfv4e -- statement `frestore 40(%sp)`
setup.o Error 1 in ../arch/m68k/kernel

Do I have to specify my 68060 at some other point or is selecting the 68060
option alone in config no good idea?

Best Regards,


Viele Gruesse

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