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Re: Make menuconfig and libncurses-dev

On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 10:45:30AM -0500, Peter Krummrich wrote:
> Maybe it would be a good idea to adapt the kernel source package description
> (mention libncurses5-dev instead of libncurses)? Could keep other folks
> from stumbling over the same issue as I did. I did a search for
> libncurses-dev in aptitude - it did not tell me that libncurses5-dev can
> replace libncurses-dev. Next time, I will try wajig...

There are several versions of ncurses, and the will all work with
menuconfig. libncurses5-dev privdes libncurses-dev, so your package selection
toll should have told you about it, like wajig did. This even works with
sbuild, what did you use to install software?

Package: libncurses5-dev
Source: ncurses
Version: 5.4-4
Replaces: ncurses-dev, ncurses-developer, libncurses-dev
Provides: libncurses-dev, ncurses-dev

If we did not have these "virtual" packages, we would have to list all
packages that provide the same functionality, which can be many, ie for an
editor, thus the virtual packages.

You use kernel-source-2.6.x? In linux-source I do not see ncurses mentioned
at all, since you do not need it to build a kernel, just to configure it,
and that can even be done with "editor". If you want something recent, you
might want to look at 2.6.14 or 15, perhaps from svn:


But adding wajig as build-depends for the kernel is definetely a good idea!


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