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2.4.27 kernel and NE2000 pcmcia nic problem

Hi, people and Happy New Year.
I've got "working" sarge installation, but I still cannot get my NIC to
I know, that I need a kernel only with apne network driver.
Sarge has 3.x gcc, so I cannot recompile any 2.4.x kernel...
Can anyone help me ? I'm sure, that people have same problems, as me. 
Please, would you be so kind to mail me *working* kernel image with apne
support (linked, no module) ?
Also I failed to build m68k gcc on cygwin =( (glibc fails with unresolved
symbols), so I cannot build it with cross-compiler.
Please, help. Maybe someone have this kind of kernel on www/ftp somewhere ?
Thank you very much.

Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy

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