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Re: Etch Release Recertification

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 08:52:46PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > And suddenly, m68k became the second most popular architecture for Debian
> > > again, just like in the good old days ;-)
> > Hehehe... yes, but unfortunately that is most likely because the archvote
> > package was mainly announced on m68k related lists so far... ;)
> > Sadly there's no 1000+ users m68k system out there, I think... or? ;)
> Any of the developer-access m68k boxes ought to qualify, no? Or is that
> considered cheating?

Dunno... that's what I tried to find out after Andreas posted his mail on
d-d-a, but haven't gotten a good answer. Maybe Wouter can tell more. 
I interpret that requirement as "regularly" (!= one time) users that are
needed. Other people might say that everyone count as user who depends on
that very machine. So, if you run a dhcpd or bind on m68k and your 1000+
users in your LAN need to use that machine, that box would have 1000+ users.
Either view may be valid. 
I was aiming at individuals that state "Yes, I use a m68k machine!". Anyway,
we reached that goal... :) 

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