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Re: how to install without d-i

Wouter Verhelst píše v Po 08. 08. 2005 v 13:15 +0200:
> > > * Install woody, upgrade
> > 
> > that's an interesting idea.
> Well, no, actually. It'll take way too long, and give you a system
> without /media or /srv (along some other glitches).

glitches? My main working machine got installed Potato (or was it Hamm?)
and I am dist-upgrading since then (running unstable now). Do I miss
things compared to pure Sarge install?

> deb http://<your mirror>/debian sarge main

that was clear.

> Also, make sure the files in /etc/crosshurd/sources.list/packages/ do
> *not* contain grub, because that simply doesn't exist for m68k :-)


> Once that's done, just make a directory somewhere, and run "crosshurd"
> as root. Point it to the directory you've just created, choose
> "linux-hurd" as system type, and "m68k" as processor. That's it.

cool. I didn't know it would ask me. I did that and installed something
in 3 minutes. Now I'll copy it over to a harddisk somehow but what next?
Do I need to run some kind of post-install script? Or will certain
kernel parameter do that for me? Does the /native-install script mean
that I should run it?

> I've tried running Linux on aranym the other day, but when I run
> 'aranym-mmu -l -N' after fiddling with the configuration file to point
> to the right kernel and initrd, it dies with "CPU: Double bus fault
> detected !", and "CPU: Halting". Any hints?

Looks like you let it execute something else than a m68k binary. What's
your host hardware? And did you use aranym 0.9.0 as found in debian,


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