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Re: Help

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 16:15 +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Mine is a stock Falcon, modified with the Skunk accelerator (and perhaps a
> SCSI patch).
> 	Michael

Well it should just work.  I mean On bootup you should see the CT60
firmware scan all the disks, even the scsi one.  If it doesn't, you'll
have to rip out the bad ide drive because that's causing it to not be
scanned.  Otherwise AHDI or HDDriver should work fine.  If your SCSI
disk is quite new it probably won't even show up in a scan.  It can't be
LVD/SE or any of the weird new standards.  It has to be a plain old 50
pin or 68pin scsi.

Now.. Since it won't boot up off the hdd, you'll need to do things in a
certain order.  I don't remember how ahdi works but with hddriver you
can load hddrutil.app and then hit "locate hddriver".  Locate hte one on
your floppy disk of hddriver in the auto folder and deselect the IDE
ID's and then select all the scsi ID's if they aren't selected already.
It autosaves after you hit ok so quit hddrutil, then go run this
hddriver.prg and from there it should scan your disk.  

AHDI should be a similar scenario IIRC, it's been so long.  You should
be using HD-Driver for sure, but I suppose for linux it doesn't matter
so much since you just need to bootstrap it.  I also have icdutils which
seems to work fine on my falcon, or at least that's what it had when I
bought it.

>From what I've read, unless you have a very recent version of hd-driver,
you're bound to run into problems if you stay under "atari" mode for
very long.


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