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Re: how to install without d-i

Finn Thain píše v Po 08. 08. 2005 v 02:29 +1000:
> > I've spent last 26 hours by installing sarge on aranym. I cannot
> > overcome the d-i's partitioner. Well, once I managed to partition,
> > format and mount the disk on /target manually in the 2nd console but it
> > worked only for the first time and since then it doesn't. The installer
> > knows I skipped the partitioning and mounting (or it knows these steps
> > failed) and doesn't let me continue with the installation of base
> > system.
> If the installer won't proceed because it thinks it failed, then maybe you 
> can make the partition/mount succeed on some other device

I can't make it. I think it was a known bug of d-i in April (and still
is). I know there was a way of fooling the d-i with mounting the
partition manually but I can't find the right order of steps anymore. So
I thought I wouldn't use the d-i at all, or perhaps invoked the "install
base system" step manually from 2nd console.

For example, I tried something like "debootstrap sarge /target /cdrom"
but it didn't work.

> I've no experience of aranym

it's actually a general atari problem and aranym cannot work around it


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