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Re: buildd problem for libspf

On Sat, Aug 06, 2005 at 02:17:31PM +0300, Mattias Nordstrom wrote:
> The m68k buildd doesn't seem to do anything for the libspf package. What
> could be the problem?

goto crest.debian.org and check the package status:


Seems my buildd is still not sending logs for failed builds...

The ICE is not your fault, we have that a lot with gcc-4.0. What you could
try, is compiling with -O2 or even -O0 instead of -O3. Isn't -O2 recommended
by policy? Of course we wouldn't mind if you send a patch to fix the ICE in
gcc ;-)

> Is this the right place for this discussion?

No, the m68k-build list is.


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