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Re: Installieren von Linux auf Amiga

On Sat, Jul 23, 2005 at 09:20:02PM +0200, Franziskus Meier wrote:
> > > How can i change/create a .info-file to start vmlinuz with the option
> > > "-root=/ dev/hdb1"? (for google-search i have probs with the
> > > search-string)
> >
> > Copy the shell icon, and in icon information, change `FROM S:shell-startup'
> > to `FROM your-launch-script'.
> your-launch-script: Is this just a simple text-file with content like:
> "volume:directory/vmlinuz -root=/dev/hdb1"
> or do i have to add something additionally?
> Is there existing any more directly solution?

You should have received a StartInstall file (plus .info file) with your
installation media, or how did you do your first installation? Maybe those
files are only on the CD image, I can not find anything in the official
location, ie:


If you don't have one, google is your friend:


This is probably what is used on the CD for the initial installation. You
could now copy those two files from the shell to "boot_from_hdb" or whatever
you want to call it. The easier way, from AmigaOS, is to copy it from the
workbench and rename it, since this also copies the info file. Then you edit
your "boot_from_hdb" file, change root, and remove the initrd stuff. Change
the kernel location to where you have your kernel.

The added benefit is that you get a nice looking icon for your script. It
actually cost me a set of woody CDs plus mailing to Italy to get these
updated icons for woody, I hope they still look ok for sarge.

Of course you could just forget all the icons and type everything by hand.
Or you just create a shell script with the commands and options you want and
execute that script or have a nice program like zsh run the script when you
press a function key. And finally, amigalilo has just made it into
debian/unstable it seems. If you can get that to work, you can use the
flexibility of lilo to pick a kernel. The last time I tried amigalilo, it
did not work with my 060.


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