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Debian GCC support for m68k

M68k porters,

as almost all new releases, GCC 4.0 not only fixes bugs, but
introduces some regressions compared to the older releases.  Currently
GCC maintainance for m68k in Debian is not active.  Although I do have
access to m68k platforms, I currently do not have the resources to
handle and forward m68k related GCC bug reports.  I'm looking for
somebody who handles bug forwarding to upstream, testing of proposed
fixes, etc.  The upstream maintainer for the m68k backend did change
from Jeff Law to Andreas Schwab, so it looks like there is renewed
interest in the m68k backend.

Until somebody steps up to do the m68k work, I'm downgrading every
m68k related GCC bug report to a non-RC severity.


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