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Re: native amiga linux loader

Franziskus Meier <markirus@gmx.net> writes:

> Hello!
> I'm searching for a linux loader starting my Amiga 2000b with Blizzard 2060. 
> The used Sarge-Installer doesn't support mounting the small 
> Amiga-FFS-Partition, so i had to shut off the system without getting a 
> startable Debian-Linux. Hardware like Kickflash (->www.ami.ga) is planned to 
> purchase. So, where could I find a (unstable) solution to start Debian on the 
> direct way?
> Meantime I try BSD, sorry.
> Greetz
> Franzl

Afaik you can't. You need to run setpatch and load the Blizzard 2060'
68040.libarry and 68060.library before jumping to the kernel.
Otherwise the system just crashes. Without this you could use alilo.

I have the same problem mounting an FFS partition and I have to copy
the initrd+kernel over the network, burn a CD and read that back under


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