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Aw: Re: 2.6.x-amiga kernel + misc.

> > > Apparently clgen/cirrusfb support the Zorro III version of the Picasso
> IV only

I can't confirm this... I remember using a PIV in my old A2000 some time ago and it worked pretty good in Linux/m68k, although it seemed restricted to a specific kernel version (sorry, I don't know which one turned out to work in the end anymore), because after a kernel upgrade I got the same error messages ("clgen: no supported boards found").

> > But Tobias is still around, he sold me the card and Ingo said he wrote
> the
> > AOS driver.
> Good! Can you ask him? If I know the specs, I think I can easily add
> support
> for it, even without having the hardware.

I'd be interested in the specs, too: Just now, I'm running Linux/APUS on my CyberStorm PPC and once again a PIV - works great so far, but I am a little bit annoyed, that I can only use 8-bit color depth. As far as I can tell, 24-bit-support is already built in the clgen-driver, but obviously it doesn't work. So I've been hoping that if I could get the specs I would be able to add 24-bit-support to the driver - or is this already done in cirrusfb? (Sorry, I have no possibility to check this out, since there aren't any ports of a 2.6.x kernel for APUS - is there nobody out there except me who wants to run Linux on a CybPPC-Board ;-)? )
I have to admit that I haven't any experience in kernel coding, but I'm willing to learn :-)



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