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I was wondering whether anyone would oppose to us moving back to
debian-68k@lists.debian.org instead of this list.

      * m68k-build@nocrew.org has an incredibly low S/N ratio these days
        (this month alone, 2 legitimate mails against 284 SPAMs)
      * The request bot doesn't seem to work (I wanted to resubscribe
        after having been bounced off incorrectly)
      * The traffic on debian-68k these days isn't exactly high at the
        moment; and the reason why m68k-build was set up in the first
        place isn't current anymore (in Adam's words: it was set up to
        avoid one specific user. He knows who he is. He also knows where
        the list is and has posted to it. He's also a bit less
        irritating these days).

It would also avoid the recurring theme of $maintainer posting to
debian-68k, $maintainer being redirected to m68k-build.

Any objections?

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