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GNOME-PPP 0.3.17-2 Build log on m68k

Hello, people. Please CC me, because I'm not subscribed on this mailing

I'm a maintainer of gnome-ppp package for Debian. I (my sponsor more
exactly) just uploaded gnome-ppp 0.3.17 package. It was built
successfully on many platforms, but the build failed on M68K. I checked
out the build log and found it somehow weird. Please, can you explain me
what does that mean:

Here's the weird part:

Selecting previously deselected package libpopt-dev.
Unpacking libpopt-dev (from .../libpopt-dev_1.7-5_m68k.deb) ...
Selecting previously deselected packag(Reading database ... 15979 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing debhelper ...
Removing docbook-to-man ...
Removing intltool ...
Removing docbook-dsssl ...

It even didnt try to build a package, and also you can see some bug
there (...deselected packag(Reading database ...)

Thanks. Please CC to me, because I'm not on the list. Bye!

Dan Korostelev <dan@ats.energo.ru>

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