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Re: Problem with Sarge-NetInstall m68k on my Amiga (won't even start...)

On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 07:24:58PM +0100, Tobias Matschke wrote:
> Would be glad to do so...
> But I could use some hint, how to do this. No problem spending some time 
> on it. But I'm not really sure where to start from.

The easiest place to start is probably the other NCR5380 based drivers.
Take a look at the following (in drivers/scsi):

Normal drivers:

Hacked drivers:
atari_scsi.c (uses atari_NCR5380.c instead of NCR5380.c)
sun3_scsi.c (uses sun3_NCR5380.c instead of NCR5380.c)
sun3_scsi_vme.c (uses sun3_NCR5380.c instead of NCR5380.c)

The generic code is in NCR5380.c, and is included in each of the above
drivers. The parts that need to be in the individual driver are the
interfaces, such as where to find the MMIO ports. The other big part
is DMA support. The regular version of NCR5380.c doesn't have proper
support for DMA, so there are a couple extra versions that have been
fixed and not merged back in (atari and sun3). Some of them also have
support for pseudo-DMA, which is supported in the regular NCR5380.c.
The mac_scsi driver may be the easiest example of that.

This is an area that has been mostly ignored in recent history. It
really ought to get completely rewritten for 2.6, but it's not a
high priority for anyone, apparently.

	Brad Boyer

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