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Re: `new' syscalls for m68k

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> I'm updating the syscall table for m68k...
> Below is a patch that adds all syscalls that m68k is currently lacking
> (compared to ia32). However, I'm wondering whether we need all of them:
>   - Are sys_sched_[gs]etaffinity() needed for non-SMP?
>   - I disabled [sg]et_thread_area() since sys_[gs]et_thread_area() are
>     missing. Do we have to implement them, or should we use some other
>     method for Thread Local Storage?
>   - What about sys_vserver()?
>   - What about sys_kexec_load()?
>   - Any others we can/should drop?

My conclusion (so far). I will:
  - drop sys_sched_[gs]etaffinity() (no SMP on m68k), and sys_kexec_load()
  - reserve an entry for sys_vserver()
  - add waitid() (2.6.9-rc2)
  - rename p{read,write}64() to p{read,write} (cfr. m68knommu in

Which leaves us with [sg]et_thread_area(): what do the glibc hackers have in
mind for TLS on m68k?




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