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Re: Testing kernel on Amiga

On Wednesday 22 September 2004 10:38, Storm66 wrote:
> Hello,
> The kernel works well here :

> The logs are clear of errors except many :
> Sep 22 10:59:58 a2000 kernel: eth0: mismatched read page pointers 31 vs
> 6e.

> PS :
> The network cards are all Ariadne2.

I have virtually the same hardware, expect for network cards, so I get 
slightly different errors:

Aug 19 06:02:45 localhost kernel: eth0: X-Surf at 0x00e90000, Ethernet Address 
Sep 19 23:06:58 localhost kernel: eth0: Interrupted while interrupts are 
masked! isr=0x0 imr=0x0.


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