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Re: Help with woody install

During the x config process you may not get the correct option for the mouse. If this occurs, then just pick any mouse, but before you actually start x for the first time you need to edit the /etc/XF86Config-4 file.

In here you will see a section that is obviously the mouse section. Replace whatever you chose for the mouse type and put in:


and for the protocol put:

BusMouse (upper / lower case required I think).

This is what I had to do because those options were not shown during the configuration process.

Tony Pitman

I got Woody installing now for the umteenth time.

I am installing it on a Performa 460 (LCIII) Macintosh

can some one out there give me the parameters for stuff like mouse setting video drivers etc....

I guess all the setting needed to get startX to work properly

thanks, mike.

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