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Re: light weight desktop for browsing

	I'm using IceWM on a Qudra 840av w/128M RAM and a 4G HD -- not that I think you'd need such hardware to run it.  It's pretty quick and I don't think its hard disk footprint is too enormous though I don't remember exactly how big it is.  It's a little more featureful than twm but not nearly as bloated and slow as Gnome (which in turn seems faster than KDE -- at least in the versions that come with Woody).  And it has some halfway decent configuration programs that make it a little easier to set up than a barebones window manager like twm.
	I've also been using gmc as a file manager.  It's pretty slick, and generally quite usable on a 68040, but gets a little slow when dealing with large numbers of files in a single directory.  It seems to integrate well with IceWM.  But since gmc is somehow affiliated with Gnome, which I also have installed on this machine, I don't know how much baggage in the form of library dependencies it brings along with it that would gobble up hard disk space.
	The latest Dillo source compiles and runs out of the box on Woody m68k.  It is fast and quite nice as a browser.  Once they get frame support it'll be a great little program.  And it handles frames fairly gracefully, giving you a page with a link to each frame you can click on individually.  I would recommend upgrading to the latest version as the one that comes with Woody is a little outdated -- if you have enough disk space for GCC, etc.
	And I'm using Sylpheed on this machine to read this list, as you may notice from the email header.  It seems to perform pretty well on an '040.  With 128M of RAM I've had several Dillo windows open, plus AbiWord, Sylpheed, gmc, and 2 or 3 x-terms with no swapping to speak of.  With 36M you probably don't want to run that many X apps at once, but one or two at a time should surely be ok.
	Just my observations.


On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 13:21:36 -0600
Tony Pitman <tony@shatalmic.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of a light weight desktop that I can install on my old 
> Quadra700? I have a 100mb drive and a 230mb drive.
> I know that the gnome desktop takes a lot of room.
> All I want to do is browse the Internet with this computer. Nothing more.
> Tony Pitman
> Shatalmic Company 
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