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Setup help needed on Amiga

I am trying to get Woody setup on my Amiga 4000/040. I installed everything needed for an X system and it won't run the X. I get an error saying that a symbol from fbPictureInit from the fbdev_drv.o is unresolved. The stock XF86Config-4 won't work and I had to add an option to not use the shadow part of the frame buffer, but this last error is indicating to me I have a program that was not compiled correctly and is missing the routine.

This is on a stock install because I don't have it hooked to the Internet to get updates with. That is because I don't have a network card, and I can't find the PLIP module. Where is it and how can I get my hands on it. If I can get my computer on the net I might be able to upgrade the frame buffer device and make this thing work. I see there's a lot of updates out there for Woody, does anybody know if it will allow the Amiga 4000/040 to run X. I have only the AGA chipset, no graphic cards, no network cards, no cards at all. Just a plain jane Amiga with a CDRom.

So, my 4 tasks I don't find info in the various FAQ'a are to

(1) Figure out how to update the system without the Internet
(2) Install the plip module (probably others later on)
(3) Generate an XF86Config-4 that works (Probably needs newer software)
(4) How to install a new kernel on the Amiga

I have run Linux since the early slackware .9 days, currently run Gentoo on my main system and compile and install by hand my kernels there. But the Amiga seems to boot differently and no docs tell me for sure what to do and because it's not exactly a speed demon I don't want to screw it up and have to start over.

A good FAQ for the Amiga only would be very helpful if such a critter exists. One thing I'd add to it would be if your RTC is broke and the install seems to hang up, find the process for the hwclock program and kill it. I've got an IC ordered to fix mine by the way. Until then I moved the program out so it won't run and lock up the computer.

Matthew P. Cummings
1974 Cessna 150L N10667
Moberly, MO (MBY)

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