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Re: linux on mac

On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 07:48:46PM -0600, Tony Pitman wrote:
> Ok, the docs were not clear about which file to set to which location.

That's no surprise. I suspect the documentation was written by someone
who thought that it was obvious, and didn't care enough to fix it later.

> I have an Ethernet card in the slot closest to the bottom of the case (I 
> think that is slot 1 or 0x0D) and a Radius video card in the other slot. I 
> am going to try taking out the Radius card and see if that works. I will 
> then try taking out the Ethernet card and see if that works.
> If I do have to take out both cards, how am I going to get the Ethernet 
> installed? I can do without the video card, but I will need the Ethernet 
> card.

Is there a reason you can't use the built-in ethernet on it? My
understanding is that this model does have SONIC based ethernet
on the motherboard, which should be well supported.

And yes, there are many video cards that mess up the kernel, due
mostly to interrupt handling problems. I have a radius card laying
around, but it's a very low priority to get it working.

	Brad Boyer

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