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Re: "unable to open initial console" overcame

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 10:58:24PM +0200, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Hi,
> after long debugging of the suspicious Warning: unable to open an
> initial console that turned out to be actually fatal for d-i installer
> (because it starts with busybox init </dev/console >/dev/console and so
> missing /dev/console kills it) I have just found out that simple 
> console=tty0
> in bootargs (kernel parameters) fixes it and the d-i boots further on my
> AfterBurner040. Easy, isn't it? The question for kernel hackers is why
> on AfterBurner this 'console=tty0' is required while on other machines
> it's not needed.

In that case, the bug isn't in the kernel, but in debian-installer:

wouter@rock:~/debian/debian-installer$ svn diff -r18429:18430
Index: installer/build/userdevfs-dev.txt
--- installer/build/userdevfs-dev.txt   (revision 18429)
+++ installer/build/userdevfs-dev.txt   (revision 18430)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 drwx           /dev
-crw-   4,0     /dev/console
+crw-   5,1     /dev/console
 crw-   5,0     /dev/tty
 crw-   4,64    /dev/ttyS0
 crw-   4,65    /dev/ttyS1

I stumbled upon this when trying to get d-i to work on my VME box. It
didn't occur on other architectures, since those that do support a 2.4
kernel use DevFS anyway; m68k is a corner case in that it doesn't have a
working 2.4 for some of its subarchitectures.

> The d-i doesn't work yet, it stops somewhere at switching console to
> UTF, but for me it's a huge success :-)

Have you tried *not* selecting your preferential language, but using
English instead?

Also, if you try to use d-i on a 2.2 serial console, you may need the
(not yet released) rootskel 0.89, which can be retrieved from svn.
Without that, you'll get quite a few messages which you probably don't
want to have...

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