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[MailServer Notification]To Sender file blocking settings matched and action was taken.

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange took action on the message.  The message details were: 
Sender = debian-68k@lists.debian.org
Recipient(s) = norbert.frey@siemens.com;
Subject = Re: Your music
Scanning time = 08/04/2004 19:07:59
Engine/Pattern = 6.810-1005/951

Action taken on message:
The attachment mp3music.pif matched file blocking settings. ScanMail took the action: Deleted. 
In Ihrer e-Mail wurde ein Virus gefunden oder Anlagen wurden aus Sicherheitsgruenden geloescht. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu die obige englischsprachige Meldung.

Die e-Mail-Anlagen folgenden Typs werden bei ein- und ausgehenden e-Mails aus Sicherheitsgruenden geloescht:

*.exe  *.com  *.bat  *.cmd  *.pif  *.cpl  *.msi  *.reg  *.scr  *.lnk  *.chm  *.vb  *.vbs  *.vbe  *.hta  *.js  *.jse  *.wsc  *.wsf  *.wsh  *.msh  *.sct  *.shb  *.shs  *.eml  *.nws  *.wmv

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen an Ihre lokale Hotline.

A virus has been found in your e-mail or attachments have been deleted for security reasons. Please refer to the english notification at the top.

The e-mail attachment types mentioned above will be deleted on incoming and outgoing e-mails for security reasons.

If you need assistance, please contact your local hotline.


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