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Re: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer testers

Thanks for all your help. It sounds like we're making progress towards
getting atari working with d-i.

Unforunately, it turns out that I didn't pay enough attention to the 
way the "old" partition formatter/mounter (partconf) works. It uses 
parted to list out partitions. In other words, both the new and the old 
code that handles partitioning, formatting, mountng, fstab-generation, 
and the like, depend on parted to some extent.

Several people have mentioned looking at getting parted to support
atari. Until somebody steps up and does some programming, I'm afraid d-i
won't be able to support atari (or q40 for that matter).

I think between the ct60 and some renewed interest in linux on atari,
this is not an insurmountable challenge.

If you're interested, the bug report is at 
<http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=239816>. Sven Luther
seems willing to help from the parted side.



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