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Re: Window managers

Tomy Alarie wrote:

Hi, i have another question for you, doesn't mather in which desktop or window managers i am, my keyboard is just all messed up ! I.E : 8 is enter, l is k, alt is caps lock, etc... Can you help me plz ?

Edit your XF86Config-4 file

Find the "Input Device" Section

Should be something like this
   Identifier      "Generic Keyboard"
   Driver      "keyboard"
   Option      "CoreKeyboard"
   Option      "XkbModel"      "xfree86"
   Option      "XkbModel"      "macintosh_old"
   Option      "XkbLayout"      "us"

Well, I use "us" because I'm from the United States.
You might try "fr" for France.

Your main problem appears to be your using "macintosh" instead of "macintosh_old"

We used to be able to use macintosh back in the days of slink. Not no more.
Macintosh, these days, refers to the newer USB keyboards which are common on the newer Macs.

And the thing of the new kernel, i think 2.4x kernel is made for mac, does this will help me put a pppoe connection on my mac ?

Definitely, if you can get a 2.4 kernel to work. You see, you guys. There are at least 2 people in the world who
would like to have a 2.4 kernel so they can use pppoe.

And i've heard that you can update your kernel in macos by downloading a new one on sourceforge and then select it in penguin is that true ?

Something like that. But that 2.4 kernel on sourceforge is more of just a show kernel to say that 1 person got a 2.4 kernel to work on a mac68k machine. Actually, I believe that Ray Knight was the first person on any architecture to get a 2.4 kernel to boot.

If you want to try it, go ahead. I've got a 2.4.24 kernel that booted on my Quadra 840AV. Well, at least I got a Penguin to show up. Never reached a prompt.

You might try posting your questions at this news group: comp.os.linux.m68k
A lot of the questions you ask have already been answered here. And besides your questions might stir up some activity over there. Been kind of dead lately. You can search the newsgroup by following the links at www.debian.org for linux-m68k port.

Thanks a lot


Glad to help

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