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Re: Xfree86 : Fatal Error

Tomy Alarie wrote:

I know i'm supposed to post the outpout error log but i don't know how. Does anyone knows how ?

attach this file /var/log/XFree86.0.log

And i want to know if it's possible to export it in a mac partition ? on a floppy ? Anyway, i'll take a chance by

mount -t hfs /dev/sdxxxx /mnt

Your mac partition is probably on sda. If you want to know which partition just enter the following:
<fdisk /dev/sda>

Enter <p> to print out the partition and map. If your hierarchial file system (hfs) partition were on partition 4, then you would do this: mount -t hfs /dev/sda4 /mnt. This will mount a partition of the type (-t) hfs at partition 4 at the /mnt directory. Enter <man mount> for information on the mount command. Once mounted you can write to the partition logged in as the root user.

You can't use the floppy with a mac. Unless you have a Quadra 900 or 950. Then you can eject the disk. And that's about it. Except successfully load the module for it and have the nice feeling that you have successfully
compiled a module that loads on a Quadra 9xx machine.

pasting you what is the message :
(II) VGA : generic VGA driver
(EE) No devices detected

Don't use the generic VGA driver. Use the fbdev (frame buffer device driver).

Fatal server error :
No screen found

Does anyone have a clue ?


I did the configuration with debconf. Do i need something to change in the xfree86-config file ?

Yes. A few quirks on the mac side you'll have to address: (1) watch the configuration of your mouse, change it to
   Option    "Device"   "/dev/adbmouse"
   Option      "Protocol""   "busmouse"

and (2), look for the default depth toward the end of the XF86Config-4 file. Match it with the depth that you used on the MacOS side before bootstrapping into LInux. Use 8 for 256, 15 for thousands, and 24 for millions.


Quadra 650 | Debian 3.0r2 | m68k

The Quadra 650 should run quite nicely. Might stick with a simple window manager like fvwm instead of the CPU intensive gnome-session or kde. Unless you want to wait for half an hour to start your X session.


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