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Re: kernel-image-2.2.25

kernel-image, -patch and -header 2.2.25-2 for amiga, atari, mac, *vme* have
been installed to unstable. These packages fix the latest mremap security
problem. I have tested the packages on my Amiga and my Mac Quadra840AV. The
Amiga image now even includes the ariadne module (again). It would be nice
to hear if they work on other subarches, or other hardware, too, otherwise I
have to assume they do work ok.

If people are interested in say q40 or sun kernel-images, they should send
me a config file that I can use to build them. I played a little with that,
config files are in the 2.4.24 kernel-patch package (which has not been
installed yet), but I have no idea what is needed on those subarches to
create usable kernel-images.


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