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Re: please rebuild lablgtkmathview on m68k

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 12:44:15PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > More generally I think a pointer should be added somewhere in the
> > developers reference which states where to ask for rebuild requests
> > architecture per architecture.
> I would also appreciate if someone added a section 'google basics' in the
> developers reference. Honestly, with "Debian m68k autobuild" as google
> searck keywords I had two hits to the m68k-build archive on the first page
> of hits. That would make an excellent example for the developers
> reference.

Ok guys: I've just asked for help on the wrong ML, as already declared
that was my fault. Still, I don't think I've asked in such an impolite
manner to deserve the sarcasm I've received as an answer.

I've looked on lists.debian.org and in the developers reference and I
haven't found the information I was looking for, so I just guessed
(wrongly) that debian-m68k was the right place.  Yes, I had not googled
for "debian m68k autobuild", and so? Don't you think that the need to
google for the information I was looking for is an indicator of some
kind of misinformation some where?

Please note that I'm not stating that this misinformation is your fault,
but only that is not so incredible that someone can be trapped in these
kind of mistakes.


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