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m68k d-i Port Status: Jan. 21

I'm crossposting to debian-68k, but please let's follow up on

All my m68k testing is with a mac, but I'm trying to make sure all the
other subarchs are properly supported also. I'm also trying to keep the
2.2.x hacks arch-independent.

The only real ugly hack I'm using to support a 2.2.x kernel is that I
configure the kernel to handle a 40MB ram disk, since we don't have
tmpfs/shmfs. Then I skip all the pivot_root stuff and start downloading
right to the ramdisk. So far it seems to work. If you know this is going
to fail at some point, please let me know now.

I can get all the way through partitioning a disk without errors!
Unfortunately, after that partconf brings up a blank list the correct
number of partitions long. Obviously, I know what to work on next. 

All my hacks are now committed and I'm building against cvs to make sure
I haven't missed anything. All the udebs I've modified for m68k are at

I'm putting daily builds of the initrd for netboot and cdrom at
<http://marenka.net/~smarenka/di/>. There is a mac kernel there as well.
If you look right now, you won't see any because I changed how I handled
init and didn't want to deal with it. I plan to run a fresh build as soon
as I'm done updating udebs.

I recommend using those directly for a 2.4 kernel. I copy those, well
usually netboot, to a 30MB image for 2.2 testing. That's what the wkg30*
images are about.

It looks like base install comes after mounting partitions, so I think
we're getting pretty close. Indeed, I suspect someone running a 2.4
kernel could do a full install.

We also need to decide if we're going to supply a tarball like bf did
for amiga, atari, and mac. If no ones says anything else, that's
probably where I'll go. We also need to figure out how to make bootable
media for those subarchs that support it. All the code is in bf, so it's
just a matter of tracking it down.

Well, that's about enough for now.


Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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