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Re: Scheduling another freeze of Jack-related packages


Okay, time to update what's been done with Jack.

> 16 Jan 2004 :  jack hits unstable
  All arches built except for m68k; this needs to be looked into, since we want to know
if it's failing to build or not. Cc'ed to debian-m68k for this: could folks try building this

> 18 Jan 2004 :  Maintainer uploads are done by this date.
  Not quite done
  Maintainers, please rebuild with jack 0.94.0-1
  I'll file a bug on each of the packages to facilitate the tracking bit.

  fluidsynth,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  freqtweak,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  gstreamer-jack,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  libasound2-plugins,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  libfluidsynth1,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  libhydrogen0,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  muse,libjack0.71.2-0 0.71.2
  rosegarden4,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0
  spiralsynthmodular,libjack0.71.2-0 0.71.2
  tapiir,libjack0.71.2-0 0.71.2
  zynaddsubfx,libjack0.71.2-0 0.75.0

> 25 Jan 2004 :  All packages are NMU'd, or hinted 'remove' from testing in -release
>                Uploads are freezed except for serious bug fixes
  This is the deadline for all NMU's to start happening.
  We need to start uploading here to get build-failures and other things stamped out.
  goal: all dependency are uploaded, and gets built on all arches, or removed from testing.

> 1  Feb 2004 :  Final upload, or hinted 'remove' from testing

  This is the deadline for NMUing, and a deciding point of whether to remove from testing or not.  

> 11 Feb 2004 :  All jack-related packages enter testing, or gets removed from testing.

  This is optimistic, but hopefully doable.

> 1 Mar 2004  :  New jack release to Debian unstable.

  This will be delayed until at least the following happens:

1. all packages that were removed from testing due to the process gets back to testing:
  I'm aware of:

2. Other things that were waiting for jack and alsa to enter testing:

3. whatever else ?


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