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Re: developer account on m68k linux system

> Richard Zidlicky suggested that I ask for a user account
> on one of your m68k boxes.  My usage pattern would involve
> hogging the CPU for hours or days and filling several
> hundered megabytes of disk space with source and object
> code.
> If this isn't acceptable for resource constraints, I might
> still use the system to run small testcases instead of
> the full blown testsuite.  I'd still need to build GCC,
> though.

I have an Amiga 1200, Blizzard 1260 060/50Mhz with 128 Mb Fastmem, 120 Gb HDD, and a PCMCIA-Ethernetcard.
It is currently running 2.2.23 kernel (pcmcia apne doesn't work/compile on any other kernel image/source on me) and testing/unstable (Debian) distribution
The Amiga isn't actually connected to the 10Mbit network that my PC is connected to, but I was thinking of buying a broadband router.
My load average after 4days of uptime is : 0.00 0.00 0.00, so practically it's just sitting there doing nothing.

Tuomas Vainikka

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