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Re: developer account on m68k linux system

Bernardo Innocenti said:

> Thank you very much, but I figured out that running the testsuite
> will take *days* on a fast 060 machine... Probably twice as much
> on a 040.

Well, yes, you have much time for other hobbies when doing some m68k porting
stuff.... 8-))

> In the mean time, John Klos has kindly offered an account
> on his NetBSD box.  If GCC bootstraps correctly, I'll be
> able to carry over my work there.
> The host OS shouldn't matter for regression testing of
> code generation bugs.

Maybe not the host OS, but the used processors can be differing in some ways
as well. You should nevertheless run your testsuite as well on a 060 as on a
040. We already had some very strange bugs in the past... :)

Ciao...           //
      Ingo      \X/

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