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Envizex X terminal working on Debian m68k


I just wanted to share with the group that I got an Envizex C2731a X
Terminal (HP made these)  booting and operating off an Amiga 2000.  A
Google on Envizex will get you the files needed to boot such a machine.
The next trick was to get Debian to allow the Envizex to connect to the
XDM window manager.  A bit of searching gave me the hints needed there.

Why?  It came with a 20" monitor, a nice amount of screen real estate in
which to work.  It was also very cheaply acquired.

Today I installed Mozilla to test it out.  It is painfully slow on the
A2000 (030/40MHz) but it does work on the X Terminal.  Interestingly
enough, when I try to bring it up on the local display (a GVP EGS
Spectrum card with 2M RAM), it will start to render the default local
start up page from the install, and then bump be back to the login
window.  Has anyone else ran into that?

--Lance (LanceTag at Luminet dot net)

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