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Sv: problems on install

> I've got an amiga 1200+blizzard 1230-50. I've downloaded the install 
> package and also the base system package.
> I run through first boot with amiboot, format the root and swap 
> partition, install the devices and then the installation hangs on
> the 'installing base system' section:
> "Validating....
> /target/var/lib/apt/lists/debootstrap.invalid_dists_woody_main_binary_m68k/packages"
> there's also the yellow bar with a flashing cursor at its end.
> any suggestions?

Are you sure that it completely hangs? How long have you waited?

This operation can take quite some time until it's finished. It takes at least a few minutes on my A4k with 040/40 and it probably takes even longer for you.

Thomas Sjölin

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