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Trying to get the hang of Linux


I've been playing a bit with an older version of Debian (2.2 r5) While I'm
waiting for a friend to get and burn the current stable release. One
question I have is that I'm not used to what goes in what directory. I can
usually figure out what goes into the different directories on my Amiga,
but I was wondering if I could get a "simple" breakdowan of what goes
where. I'm trying to understand things.

Also with the version I have on the Amiga, when I boot up, I end up having
to open up another "Terminal" since the first one seems to freeze up. The
other terminals work OK though. The weird part is when I first install, the
first terminal window seems to work fine.

Another problem I have is since I'm using the Picasso IV card, I have to
use clgen and everythime I switch terminals, it spits out what I think is
debugging info on the screen.

My other probelms require me to get another HD controller and another HD.
Right now to run Linux, I have to unplug my current HD and plug in an older
one I'm using for playing with Linux. :)

Kind regards,

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