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Re: KDE on m68k

[Cc to m68k-build@nocrew.org, the m68k porters' mailinglist]

Op ma 21-07-2003, om 20:03 schreef Nathanael Nerode:
> The last real bug preventing KDE from going into 'testing' is
> bug #196564, which is a failure only on m68k.  It's a segfault in 
> 'meinproc', which is part of kdelibs.
> Could some m68k people perhaps help track this down?  (Information to 
> the bug, please.)  First, we need verification that there's still a 
> problem.  (It appears to cause a build failure in kdeedu.)  

I've requeued kdeedu, so it'll be rebuilt ASAP.

> Then, if there's still a problem, we need to figure out why 'meinproc' 
> is segfaulting.

Sure, but since I'll be going to andorra tomorrow, I won't be able to do
that. Someone else to volunteer?

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