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Re: Mozilla

Op vr 18-07-2003, om 12:55 schreef Thomas Sjölin:
> Hi Wouter
> > Hm. That's different from the unstable situation.
> > 
> > I can think of two possibilities, right now:
> > 1) there's already a mozilla running, but it takes so much time for it
> > to start properly that you're not aware it's there
> > 2) the X server doesn't serve enough colors, or has other limitations
> > 
> > Just to rule out 2), could you ssh into your box with the '-X' option
> > set from a machine where you have an X server (but *no* mozilla)
> > running, and then run mozilla?
> No, there is no mozilla running already. I am as sure as I can ever be with
> that. Tho, it seems that it starts up about 4 mozilla-bin processes when I
> start it from either the menu or the console. I don't know if that is right
> or not.

Not sure, I don't know mozilla *that* well :-)

> I have no other machine without mozilla I'm afraid so I can't do that.

Uh, you misunderstood me there. I meant 'where no mozilla is running'.
If you fire up mozilla, it'll check whether a mozilla has a window on
the X server where you want it to appear; if one does, it will signal
that other mozilla through the X server to open another window, which is
not the idea.

To avoid that, you have to make sure no mozilla is *running* with its
$DISPLAY set to your X server before you fire up mozilla on the m68k

> It
> seems strange to me that it hasn't enough colours but I suppose I can try
> start it in 24 bit instead of 16 as I do now to see if that makes any
> change. 

In that case it's probably not the colormap :-)

However, that does not mean it couldn't be a limitation the X server
has; it could very well be some bug in the X server, a certain feature
which isn't supported on m68k but which is needed by mozilla, or
something similar.

I don't think chances are high this is the case, but as it's easy to
check, it'd be nice if you could do so.

Wouter Verhelst
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