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Re: libbonoboui, testing packages install...

> people complaining that libbonoboui won't compile on the m68k arch [1] and
> is thus holding back Gnome2 from entering testing [2]. I see from the
> build logs [3] that building libbonoboui on a m68k buildd has been tried
> three times without success. The most recent buildd log [4] says:
> [...]
> Setting up fontconfig (2.2.1-1) ...
> debconf: Please do not capitalize the first letter of the debconf frontend.
> Regenerating fonts cache.../var/lib/dpkg/info/fontconfig.postinst: line
> 84: 26858 Segmentation fault      HOME=/root fc-cache -f -v >/var/log/fontconfig.log 2>&1
> failed; see /var/log/fontconfig.log for more information
> done.

That's a minor annoyance - libfreetyope6 2.1.4-4 is broken. -2 is still

Once you work around this, you're faced with gconf2 segfaulting. No
workaround yet.

> Where's the issue? Should bugs be filed against any of these packages to
> alert any of the maintainer(s) or is this a bug with something common that
> they call in their scripts?

The latter. I think bugs have been filed, at least the freetype6 thing has
been discussed with the fontconfig maintainer and he reassigned the bug to

As I've said, that's not the only gnome2 bug on m68k. They all might boil
down to gcc or binutils bugs in the end....

> Is it worth adding some kind of test to the buildd's or somewhere else to
> test that the package can install, uninstall, upgrade properly? Debian
> documentation says the developer should do that, but they aren't likely to
> do it for all archs.

If you can think of a way to do this (short of a real build), fine. Please
note that installing the build-deps often accounts for a huge proportion
of build wall time (not sure that's reflected in the build time


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