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Re: Mozilla

Op wo 16-07-2003, om 16:39 schreef Thomas Sjölin:
> Hi again Wouter
> > That's what happens on unstable as well. Try doing
> > 
> > echo $?
> > 
> > Right after you tried running mozilla, and _before_ you do anything
> > else. Under normal circumstances, that should give you '0' (zero) as
> > output; if it gives anything else, that might be indicative of what's
> > going wrong.
> > 
> > Not that I have the fix, or anything like that :-)
> I did that and just got '0' as a result so that gave no clue. I can get the
> splash-screen up with 'mozilla -splash', but that's it.

Hm. That's different from the unstable situation.

I can think of two possibilities, right now:
1) there's already a mozilla running, but it takes so much time for it
to start properly that you're not aware it's there
2) the X server doesn't serve enough colors, or has other limitations

Just to rule out 2), could you ssh into your box with the '-X' option
set from a machine where you have an X server (but *no* mozilla)
running, and then run mozilla?

Wouter Verhelst
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