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Re: Mozilla

Hi Wouter
>> I honestly don't know what happens. I have tried to get some debug info
>> out but I get nothing that tells me anything. When I try to start Mozilla
>> the computer works hard for a while then it just stops and goes back to
>> idle, after that nothing more happens at all.
> That's what happens on unstable as well. Try doing
> echo $?
> Right after you tried running mozilla, and _before_ you do anything
> else. Under normal circumstances, that should give you '0' (zero) as
> output; if it gives anything else, that might be indicative of what's
> going wrong.
> Not that I have the fix, or anything like that :-)

I will give that a go and see if I get anything.

I really don't need to get Mozilla running, a 040 is way to slow anyway...
but I like to have things working anyway :)

Thomas Sjölin


I like work ... I can sit and watch it for hours.

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