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Amiga4k - any use for it?

Hi all guys,
		I have mostly finished to install this box and i would
like to use it for Debian.

the box is an Amiga 4k 68040 25Mhz 16Mb of RAM 20Gb of disk (2 for the
system 18 free), ethernet, static ip on a 2Mb/512 adsl, Debian local
mirror nfs mounted. and it does not suffer of the clock skew problem as
well the disk is ide so no irq/dma problem that some scsi controllers

It is actually running sid and possibly very soon 2.4.20.

Reason why I am cross posting is because i would like to know which will
be the best use of it... do we need autobuilders? do we need another box
that developers can access for debugging? i don't mind any of the
solutions, with only one note that port 22 is forwarded to another machine
for ipv4 access so it will be on a non standard port. IPv6 is there and it
has it's own public address (or atleast will have with 2.4.20 ;)).

I will let you guys decide what do you think is best, please CC me since I
am not subscribed to any of the mailing lists.


Our mission: make IPv6 the default IP protocol (even on m68k!)
"We are on a mission from God" - Elwood Blues


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