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Re: CD Player Software for Debian?

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 11:51:24AM -0500, Scott Holder wrote:
> Sound is currently not supported by the 68k versions of Linux. Due to the 
> way CD Audio is processed, it still might work, but it's a bit hard to 
> tell. Your best bet would be to get an external CD case that has audio out 
> and go that route. That way all that has to happen is for the Mac to put it 
> into CD Player mode. I'm not entirely sure whether that's supported or not, 
> but I'm sure someone here knows.

I think it will work. I once built a PC with a SCSI card and an
erxternal CDROM drive (a changer actually), with the audio output of the
drive connected to a normal audio amplifier. This worked fine.


> Scott Holder
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