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Re: Linux Install on PB520 fun

On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 11:50, John Steven Sobtzak wrote:
>   Aawwwwhhh shucks!  Where/who do I want to monitor for updates that may 
> work on my PB520?  I assume the work is being done on the 2.4.x kernels and 
> will be posted on the sourceforge web page and notifications sent to the 
> debian-m68k and/or debian-laptop mailing lists?????
>   JSS
As far as I can tell it's been at least 6 months since anyone besides
myself has done any kernel work.  I've been hacking at 2.4.x without
much success.  I've been inclined to continue using the 2.2 series
kernels, since so much is broken in 2.4 that I've become frustrated with
trying to get it to work.  I'm afraid that development for the m68k Mac
kernel is stagnating.   I'll keep updating 2.2 for a while, and would
work on 2.4 again if someone stepped up and provided some assistance,
but lately I haven't had the time or the patience.


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