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Re: Can't get networking to work.....

Thanks Eric and others.... See below...

George Bingham

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> George Bingham wrote:
>     I am making some headway on getting my network to work, but need
> more help.
>     I have a simple configuration, with a DSL modem hooked to an SMC
> router, which my machines hang off of. I had my Mac and My PC running
> on this setup for quite sometime working well until I started
> installing Debian on my Mac....
>     My little home networking runs DHCP.

If I understand correctly all machine's are hanging of a router-port
directly, each on their own network segment. Is this correct?

Not exactly. My Cable modem is attached to a 4-port SMC brand router. Each
the four ports is on the same segment of a tiny network.

>     Although the debian install program was able to load a network
> configuration via DHCP just fine and download the whole set of install
> files, now when I boot into the actual system, it just wouldn't
> configure me a network. It acted as if I didn't have one. In fact,
> when it boots there is a line that says: eth0: m68k (Mace), (and then
> my hardware address)  but then on the next line it says "Looking for
> built in networking (SONIC)... none."
>     So I am booted and eth0 is unconfigured.

This is normal, you'll see messages from every driver in the kernel
checking for the hardware it support, and reporting whether it found one
or more supported pieces. The Mace driver did find a supported NIC, and
assigned it eth0 (because it was the first to find a supported NIC), en
Sonic driver doesn't find one, and reports that.

OK, so I understand that it's using the Mace driver for eth0.

>     Since I couldn't get it to use DHCP automatically, I tried setting
> my router to see that hardware address and assign it a fixed address.
> Now, when I manually give the 'ifconfig eth0 <address>' command it'll
> start to use that address, so it can ping the router or my PC, but
> still can't get it to see the net. I've tried putting my dns addresses
> into /etc/resolv.conf, and tried editing the dhclient-script and
> dhclient.conf files, but they don't seem to have any effect when I
> reboot.

To make is see the net you'll probably also have to give it information
so it van make a routing table entry (see netstat -rn)

Great, did that, forget the name of the file I ended up putting the ip
address of my gateway into, but yes, now it does see the gateway.

Also had to put my ISPs nameservers into /etc/resolv.conf (I think, I'm at
right now and the machine is at home, but I believe that's what I had to

>     1) Why can't i just run a dhcp command and have it get everything
> from my router?

Don't know, I've no experience with DHCP in my home network.

>      2) failing that, how can I tell it all the info it would have
> gotten via DHCP, but have it happen everytime on boot??

Debian stores the networking info in /etc/network/. The file your
looking for is /etc/network/interfaces. For a static IP-address it'll
look something like:

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static

The first iface-stanza configures the loopback interface, no need to
mess with that. The second iface stanza configures eth0 with a static
IP-address. There also is a syntax for getting the information in the
stanza via dhcp. See man interfaces for details. The information in this
file is used by the ifup/ifdown commands, so please use them instead of
manually typing several "ifconfig ..."-commands. The ifup/ifdown scripts
will do all this for you, including adding a route to the gateway given.

I did more or less copy the above, it complained about the gateway entry,
but I think the proper place for that ended up being somewhere else.

Anyway, I got it to see the internet finally and was able to complete my
installation! whew!


HTH, Erik.
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Thanks again,


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