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Problems with install of Debian 3.0 on Amiga


I have an Amiga 040 with Fastlane Z3.

Problem is, that by initializing the SCSI-Controller the System hangs.

Does anybody know, how to fix this problem ?

- Amiga 4000/040
- Fastlane Z3 with 1 SCSI HD and 16 MB Memory
- CyberVision 64
- Ariadne Ethernet

I tried the official debian 3.0 install disks, and the experimental from

As far as I found out, all these kernels are 2.0.

Has anybody some usefull links to install disks for Amiga with Fastlane
? Perhaps with 2.2 or 2.4 kernels ?

TIA for all help....



Ernst Lehmann             Email: lehmann@acheron.franken.de

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