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Re: tth_3.13-1_m68k.deb request for build and upload

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:58:05AM +1100, bounce-debian-68k=cts=debian.org@lists.debian.org wrote:
>Dear m68k porters,
>        Package tth has not been built and uploaded on an m68k for
>many months.  Please would someone build
>        tth_3.13-1_m68k.deb
>from the latest sources and upload it.

You've got the mailing list wrong, its debian-68k.

This list is also wrong, the porters hang out on m68k-build.

tth is non-free? If you could convince the author to make tth free, it would
actually be part of debian and thus be automatically built by the build
daemons. Recently there has been a shortage of working m68k machines. Also
there is a permanent shortage of m68k maintainers. Since tth is non-free, I
guess it was on the bottom of the list of whoever is looking at non-free
packages when he finds the time. Is somebody still looking at non-free for
m68k nowadays?

You Build-Depends list gcc. gcc is in the build-essentials list.

Other than that, it built fine.


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