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Re: Install can't find drives on GVP-M/tekmagic 060 combo card.


Michael Cassera wrote:
I thought I'd give Linux a shot on my Amiga 2000.  I followed the howto at
http://www.linux-m68.org/debian-amiga.html to partition my drive.

I have a two drives on the GVP-M/tekmagic 060/scsi card(tekscsi2.device).  A
1G at scsi-0 and a 2G at scsi-2.  The 1G is my primary Amiga system drive
that I left alone.  I created 3 partitions on the 2G drive.  One Amiga
native and 2 "custom" file systems.  The two future Linux partitions were
set at 1G and 128M for Root and Swap.  I labelled them sdb1 and sdb2
respectively.  Set the identifiers as per the howto as well as any other
settings and rebooted.

Once I rebooted, I ran the amiboot-5.6 program without incident and got the
install menu.  Unfortunately, no drives were detected and I got stuck.  I
tried renaming the drives to sda1 & 2 without success.

The name of the volume is irrelevant, it's the partition identifier that matters. What version of Debian are you trying to install? Did the kernel even detect your SCSI card? If the SCSI card is not recognised, then naturally it won't know about your hard disks (or your controller). When the installer starts, press Alt-F2. You will get a shell prompt, press enter to activate it, and type "dmesg |more", this is the output messages from the kernel, read carefully through it, does it say it found a SCSI host? Does it say that there are two SCSI drives? It should detect all SCSI hosts.

It is possible that your SCSI controller is not supported.



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