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RE: start address of kernel

> > Luuk Mettes,
> > i havent looked at the web site in quite a while but to 
> > subscribe to the
> > linux-m68k list this link goes to the right place with the right instr
> > http://www.linux-m68k.org/mail.html
> > 
> > for some reason the 'official' link of lists.linux-m68k.org 
> > doesnt go to
> > the right site... :'/ (or atleast for me it doesnt...)
> > 
> Thx for the answers, well the linux-m68k mailing list very slow. I i forgot
> im even subscribed to it :P. Looking back its almost dead only few messages
> each month but ill try the mailing list maybe it becomes more alive after my
> question:)

it isn't slow or dead, it is just that most traffic goes over
linux-m68k-CVS in the form of patches.
Subscribe to that one if you want some traffic :)


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